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Promotion through
Digital marketing


Niche and business research, development of a strong marketing strategy


Social media marketing and management

Web Design​

Development of visually appealing and user-friendly websites of any complexity

Google Ads

Setting up and managing Google Ads campaigns

Facebook Ads

Setting up and managing advertising campaigns in Facebook and Instagram


Improving the website visibility on a search engine results page

Stages of work

Using the example of launching
Google Ads and Facebook Ads advertising campaigns.

Step 1

Researching of your product and analyzing of competitors
I deeply analyze your niche and direct competitors, their products, and advertising campaigns. I determine the strengths and weaknesses of your product.

Step 2

Determining of the strategy and goals of the advertising campaign

I form a strategy and the main goals of promotion based on a preliminary analysis, determine the number of possible new applications / clients.

Step 3

Setting up advertising accounts and analytics services

I prepare a website for advertising, set up Google Ads and Facebook Business accounts, as well as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel analytics services.

Step 4

Defining USP and creating advertisements

I create unique selling propositions (USPs) based on your strengths, create video / photo content and write several selling texts for ads.

Step 5

Setting up an advertising campaign and selecting audiences

I select several audiences for targeting, test each of them and highlight the most effective ones. You will receive the first applications at this stage.

Step 6

Optimizing and scaling advertising campaigns

I highlight the most successful ads / audiences using analytics and preliminary results, optimize them and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

Step 7

Accompanying until goals are fully achieved

I use new audiences, advertising creatives and texts to achieve all the key metrics determined at the beginning of the promotion.

Frequently asked questions

The main indicator of the quality and effectiveness of my work is the fulfillment of the plan for the number of new applications and clients. If there is no result from the promotion, I return 100% of the amount paid for my services.

Since no one knows your business better than you, you need to be fully committed to the outcome. We will hold several calls or meetings to analyze your business at the beginning of the project. You will also need to approve the materials that I will send in the course of the project.

It depends on the complexity and the goals of the project. It usually takes up to 5 business days to launch advertising campaigns. My clients receive the first applications on average within a day after the launch

I am a marketer with extensive experience in all niches of digital marketing. My services include website development, creation of an advertising strategy, launch and optimization of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google, SEO and SMM.

All my strategies are unique and are developed individually for each task. I do not have a fixed cost for services, the price is calculated individually based on your tasks and advertising budget.
I am focused on the result. If at the end of the promotion you do not receive the number of new applications / clients that we planned at the beginning, I will refund the cost of my services. This point is clearly stated in the contract.

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